Manufacturing Applications

Manufacturing ApplicationsVirtually all Biodac sizes are used by formulators to control moisture in blended combination products such as “weed & feeds”. In these applications, Biodac serves as a drying agent. The innate absorptive properties of Biodac helps keep these products dry in manufacturing and in their packaging. Biodac also eliminates product and package compression and bag set of a finished product so that a product is always fresh in appearance and homogeneously blended. Formulators in high humidity locations appreciate the benefits of Biodac in these applications.

Biodac is also used as a filler in blended combination and fertilizer products to help fill out a package and provide accurate weight, volume, balance, and improved aesthetics with no dust in the finished product. In these applications, Biodac granules act as filler, drying agent, and supplemental carrier, thereby enhancing the value and efficacy of the finished product.