Biodac Benefits

The Biodac® dust-free granular carrier is a cleaner solution from formulation to application and provides formulators, applicators, and end users the following proven performance benefits:

Manufacturing and Formulation Benefits of Biodac

Easy delivery and storage

  • Available in bulk railcar, bulk truck, and by standard truck in one-ton tote bags
  • Packaged in tote bags for easy global shipment in overseas containers

Easy to move and transfer in production

  • Retains full product integrity in process, doesn’t break down or disintegrate
  • Remains dust free in processing

Easy to process

  • No density variations
  • Easy, efficient mixing and blending
  • No additional drying needed
  • Significantly reduces waste and waste-handling costs

Easy to package – works with all established industry packaging

  • No bag set
  • No product compression in the bag

Easy to assay – assays correctly and consistently at the lowest industry levels


  • Available in several US Mesh sizes
  • Biodac granular carrier sizes cover over 98% of all industry applications
  • Compatible with all key industry Active Ingredients

Application Benefits of Biodac


  • Outstanding particle sizing and distribution
  • Excellent ballistics
  • Eliminates the need to “over formulate”
  • Significantly reduces manufacturing costs

Highly absorbent

  • Excellent release traits – can be formulated to accelerate or slow down release
  • No compression or bag set

Easy to Apply – works with all industry application equipment

Environmental Stewardship Benefits of Biodac

  • Biodac is the only true inert carrier that  is OMRI Listed – suitable for organic use
  • Made from 100% post consumer waste material
  • Keeps thousands of tons of waste material out of landfills each year
  • 100% biodegradable – breaks down into naturally occurring soil elements
  • EPA inert certified as “paper” and Listed by Trade Name (Biodac®) with the EPA
  • Not regulated under California Prop. 65
  • Excellent resistance to attrition for clean processing, minimal exposure with No Drift

Biodac & Kadant Grantek Inc.

  • Biodac has over 25 years of proven performance in crop and non crop applications worldwide.
  • Kadant GranTek is a financially solid and well established supplier of granular products.
  • Kadant GranTek focuses its expertise only on manufacturing and marketing granular products and does not manufacture any pesticide products of its own and therefore, does not compete with its customers in the marketplace.

For more information on the advantages and benefits of the Biodac granular carrier for your granular products, please contact us.

We will be glad to provide you with details on how to include the Biodac granular carrier into your portfolio to reduce costs, improve margins, efficacy and performance, and save money.